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Originally founded to help with all aspects of asbestos, Zendasat Pty (Ltd) has a proud history of asbestos removal, maintenance, administration, inspection and regulation. We offer complete and professional services in the private, industrial, commercial, mining and residential sector. We have extensive experience with all types of contracts, from individual residential houses to large industrial complexes. Our approach is to provide the most cost effective and sensible solution for all projects related to asbestos and hazardous waste.

Dealing with our customers has made us realize that the complexity of the process surrounding the removal of asbestos and hazardous waste, and the associated confusion, has become increasingly difficult for laymen to understand. Therefore, our goal is to provide a simplified explanation of the process.

Four necessary factors are involved in every asbestos removal project | The Zendasat Offering

• Notifications to the Department of Labour
• AAIA (Asbestos Approved Inspection Authority)
• A registered asbestos contractor for the removal process
• The removal of hazardous waste material and certification of waste material

Zendasat determined that it is necessary to offer the customer one contact point, including all these factors.



Why asbestos should be removed
For years, asbestos has been used in all industries with little or no concern for people’s health risk. Buildings and structures built before the 1970’s contained asbestos because it was freely available as a building material. It was only when the health risks of asbestos were made public that there was a need for companies that could specialize in their disposal. These health risks have been shown to be severely harmful and potentially fatal. You can still find asbestos in floor tiles, roof tiles, roof plates, roof panels, partition walls, pipe insulation, boilers and in a multitude of insulating facilities. With increasing evidence that asbestos causes a number of deadly diseases, this mineral was banned in many countries. South Africa has followed this trend and in order to ensure that it continues, it has forced building owners to comply with the new legislation.

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