SUPER SPAR Parklands

Introducing SUPER SPAR Parklands

For some, shopping is delightful no matter what the goal of the trip is, but for others, they would rather be doing anything else! However, no matter what kind of shopper you are, you will not be disappointed by the service at SUPER SPAR Parklands. Shoppers are bound to find what they need easily!

This SPAR strives to maintain the highest quality standards possible throughout all its processes. This includes customer service and product delivery. They aim to consistently meet each customer’s unique needs in a welcoming environment to ensure you are eager to visit again.

Shopping at SUPER SPAR Parklands

Whether you need to pop in stock up on bread and milk or are visiting to do a bigger monthly shop, this store can cater to your needs. If you are looking to do your monthly grocery shopping, you can delight in the fact that SUPER SPAR Parklands has a range of products to serve all your needs. The shelves are always full, and the store is kept clean by a friendly and hardworking staff. You can also trust that the meat is fresh, the produce is crisp, and the products are well-priced.

Their Values

SUPER SPAR Parklands has created a unique culture that values a caring community approach. By doing so, they are able to ensure that customers have an enjoyable shopping experience in their family-orientated environment. They value their clients in all that they do and, as a result, strive to go the extra mile to source the best products on the market.

Within their house brand, SPAR prioritises fresh ingredients to make premium, affordably priced products. All products are tested by an independent laboratory to sustain their standards. They also offer clients a double your money back quality guarantee, which entails a full refund when unsatisfied with their products.

SPAR Rewards

Want to receive instant discounts when doing your grocery shopping? SPAR Rewards has your covered! By joining their free rewards programme, you gain access to instant rewards that can save you thousands each month. With membership to this rewards programme, you will receive monthly notifications of product coupons that can be used when visiting their store and swiping your card. Signing up is easy, as all you require is a cellphone number!

Here’s how to redeem your coupons:

  1. Register for a SPAR rewards cards
  2. Purchase participating products from your nearest store
  3. Swipe your rewards card or enter your cellphone number at the till during checkout
  4. Enjoy your savings!


Our Address:

The Piazza Parklands Main Road & Link Road, Parklands, Parklands


-33.8122404, 18.5088289