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Playzone is a large party venue for children that offers clients a variety of options to choose from. Our aim is to ensure that your child enjoys his/her best birthday party yet! Clients can choose to decorate their own party while we provide the party room, tables and chairs, or they can choose a standard party where we will include tables and chairs, table cloths and chair covers, a hot dog and a party box for each child.

We are also open for kids to enjoy our play area daily. While the children play, parents can relax at our café with delicious food and free Wi-Fi.

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Our services and rates

At the Playzone we aim to provide kids with endless hours of fun and entertainment. For birthday parties, parents have the option to choose between decorating the party venue themselves, or having our team supply the decor and catering. If you want to cater for your own party, we will supply only the venue, tables, and chairs. Whereas our catering option includes a hot dog and party box for each child, as well as decorative table cloths etc.

We also offer to do themed parties. Our themes include: Barbie, Disney Princesses, Under the Sea, and Cars.

Clients who are looking for party costumes, decor, etc., will also be glad to know that Funtasia, your one-stop party supply store, is now situated in Playzone. 

If you think that Playzone will be the perfect place to host your child’s next party, be sure to get in touch with us to book your party room.


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