Netcare Blaauwberg

About Netcare Blaauwberg

Netcare Blaauwberg is a trusted multi-disciplinary hospital facility situated centrally in Sunningdale. This state-of-the-art space strives to satisfy all possible healthcare needs to better expand the surrounding community. This space’s design aims to make visitors feel safe, warm and welcome whilst aiding the recovery of patients.

The values of Netcare Blaauwberg

Netcare Blaauwberg is a division of Netcare Group. As a division, they subscribe to all beliefs and values associated with the leading brand. With the core value of care, they offer a person-centred approach to health care and are committed to providing their patients, and their families, with the best care possible.

They strive to treat everyone who enters this space with the dignity and respect they deserve, whether patient or employee. Additionally, they prioritise the participation of patients and their loved ones to better their health care and decision-making related to it. Truth is another important value at the core of everything they do, and to uphold it, their staff promises open communication and honesty at all times.

Arguably the most important value upheld by this institution is compassion. As a space that engages with real individuals, often facing hardships, on a daily basis, empathy and compassion is an important aspect laced through everything that they do. With these values at the forefront, Netcare strives to provide patients with the best and safest care. By doing so, they aim to maintain quality healthcare for all based on respect.

24-hour emergency care

Netcare Blaauwberg has a 24-hour emergency department, 911 base, and on-site helipad to smoothly handle all necessary emergency care. They use innovative technology and equipment in all departments to ensure they can provide patients with advanced medical treatment. Furthermore, they have specialists in various medical disciplines in this hospital to guarantee that every medical emergency is approached with trusted expertise.

Their specialised services include

  • Cancer care that focuses on the advanced diagnosis and treatment.
  • Cardiac facilities that invest in providing patients with life-saving treatments.
  • Bariatric facilities that lead the way in reducing obesity and related conditions.
  • Transplant facilities managed by multi-disciplinary teams to provide the best outcome.
  • Burns facilities to treat injuries, work through trauma and ensure recovery.
  • Women, mother and baby services to ensure optimal health.


Our Address:

Waterville St, Sunningdale, Cape Town, 7441


-33.800999, 18.483247