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NB Hearing have a team of qualified audiologists waiting to assist you with your hearing needs. If you need to see an audiologist in the Cape Town area, book an appointment at one of our branches. Our experienced and lovely team are ready to assist you with a range of hearing and hearing related needs. An audiologist is a specialised practitioner that understands the anatomy and workings of the ear and similarly the auditory system and interlinked systems. We exist to help you identify hearing or auditory problems and further set out to provide therapy or solutions to these issues.

NB Hearing Range of Services

  • Hearing Tests
  • Fitting of Hearing Aids
  • Supply of Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Hearing Loss Assessments
  • Tinnitus

NB Hearing

When to visit your audiologist:

  1. If you experience a sudden onset of hearing loss in one or both ears
  2. If you experience persistent ringing in one or both ears
  3. If you often struggle to keep up in a conversation due to not hearing what people say
  4. If family members, friends or neighbours complain about the volume of your TV or radio
  5. If sounds seem muffled that you had no prior problems hearing
  6. If you don’t hear young children speak
  7. If you find yourself avoiding social situations due to having to be part of conversations
  8. When you find yourself frustrated during a conversation and repeatedly ask people to repeat what they said
  9. If you find yourself relying on reading lips when listening to others
  10. If you experience vertigo, dizziness or lightheaded feelings often

If you make use of a hearing device, we offer repairs and fitting services. We also recommend that you do regular hearing assessments with us as this helps one manage their device better. Get in touch with our audiologists today for reliable and professional services.

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