M&A Timbers: Blackwood, Ashwood, Pine and more!

M&A Timbers understand the importance of finding the right timber for your woodworking project. After all, your selected timber needs to check multiple boxes, ranging from your style needs to its durability. As a result, we have made it our mission to help make finding the right materials easy with high-quality exotic timber options.

We are leading retailers and manufacturers of machined wood products and have everything you might require for indoor and outdoor project needs. With years of industry experience behind us, we can confidently say we know all things timber! We use this knowledge to create quality manufactured timber products such as skirting, mouldings, flooring, cladding and decking.

More about our Blackwood

Blackwood is native to the dry regions of South Africa. This exotic and luxurious timber is a favourite for many projects, including fine furniture and musical instruments. The heartwood of this timber is a desirable dark brown hue with striking black streaks, which earns it its name! The combination creates the allusion to an almost entirely black timber and makes it a suitable alternative to ebony.

The grain texture can be polished to a lustrous finish and holds stunning knots that contribute to its lively look. While the growth rings of blackwood are generally hard to define, there is a stark difference between sapwood and heartwood, allowing for a descriptive finish on every slab.

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Exotic timber for all your needs!

Exotic timber can bring endless design possibilities to your woodworking project. As a reliable timber supplier in and around Cape Town, you can trust M&A Timbers to serve all your needs! Our team is ready to help you find the best timber for your project and refine it to perfection.

Our range includes:

  • Blackwood
  • French Oak
  • American Oak
  • American Ash
  • SA Pine
  • Kiaat
  • Saligna Gum
  • Meranti

Timber Planing and Machining

Wood planing and machining services help you refine your slabs to perfection through cutting, shaping or drilling. This process helps take your slabs to your desired shape and exact size specifications to make them easy to work with. Furthermore, it helps enhance the durability of your timber and improve the structural integrity of your final product.

If you require exotic wood for your next project, be sure to get in contact with the team at M&A Timbers.

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