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As your one stop, omnichannel payments solution partner we provide solutions that are accurate, reliable and easy to maintain. At Ecentric, we help your business by putting you in charge of your payment processing. By utilising our experience in providing leading technical expertise and infrastructures, we are able to support your business’s finances.

We offer leading payment processing to suit businesses of all sizes. Through constant innovation, we provide all our clients with the best software and infrastructures to support seamless workplace payment processing, reconciliation and more.

Our services meet all compliance regulations prescribed by the PCI DSS and are proud to be the first certified decryption provider in South Africa. Our switching services are reliable and trusted by various large retailers in South Africa.

Why choose our payment processing?

  • Our switching processing has expanded to over 17 African countries
  • Our systems are maintained on an active-active basis
  • We offer near 100% uptime on a 24/7/365 bases

Our services

  • Payment Switching: We assist with efficient processing to link customers to all relevant issuers and acquires within the payment process, both instore and online.
  • ReconAssist: Our automated reconciliation software allows businesses of all sizes to effectively reconcile across various platforms, free from human error.
  • Money Transfers: We provide a counter-to-counter money transfer service for merchants to add value to their store and increase foot traffic.
  • Online Payments: We can assist with establishing online payment platforms for businesses to provide their customers with an effortless online shopping experience.
  • OmniHub: Our OmniHub platform allows merchants access to a variety of leading digital service providers to allow their customers access to VAS through a single integration.

Our payment processing services are managed by our team of specialists to allow for millions of transactions to occur seamlessly and simultaneously, instore and online. If you are interested in getting in charge of your business’s payment processing, feel free to contact our team for more information.

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