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At Decorton, we specialise in the design and installation of an extensive range of retaining wall solutions. Our designs are suited for various applications and meets both residential and industrial requirements. We have been providing our technical expertise and superior product delivery to clients since 1992 and have completed various projects over the years. With each new installation, we aim to ensure a durable holding capacity, adaptability and plantability. This way, our installations are both stable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our installations are suited for canal lining, landscaping requirements, embankments, slope stabilisation, etc. We deliver services to clients all across the Cape surrounds and by making use of only the best retaining blocks available, we guarantee expert and beautiful results time and again.

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    Our range of products and services

    At Decorton, we strive to provide each of our clients with an efficient and lasting retaining wall that perfectly suits their requirements. Our services include the design and installation of a wide range of retaining walls specifically suited to the needs of the client. Whether you want us to install an embankment, a garden feature or a driveway, we are happy to assist.

    We proudly endorse and install the following products:

    • Löffelstein Blocks
    • Decorwall Blocks
    • Geogrid
    • Terraforce Blocks
    • Grinaker Terrace Bloks

    During each installation, our team adheres to all safety regulations in order to ensure a safe installation and a lasting result. Our installations are also environmentally friendly as most of our products encourage the planting of flowers and plants in the wall cavities.

    If you are seeking a reliable service provider in the retaining wall industry, the Decorton team is happy to help. To discuss your project requirements with us, feel free to give us a call.

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