bp Garage

bp Garage

At bp Garage, customers can expect to receive service synonymous with a brand that thrives through product and service excellence. This leading petroleum company provides the public with fuel for transportation, energy, engine lubricants, and other day-to-day uses. They have branded over 500 service stations nationwide and hold a significant share in Africa’s largest refinery.

Award-winning fuel from bp garage

With the advancement of active technology, this company is a proud innovator for the award-winning bp Ultimate – their flagship fuel. This fuel enhances engine performance and has earned various commendable industry accolades.

Their engine lubricant brand, Castrol, is also known as a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium products. In addition, Castrol is known to work alongside trusted automotive manufacturers to better their product’s design to suit operating conditions.

Loyalty programmes

Ensuring their customers receive the best benefits and rewards possible is a high priority for bp garage. As a result, they have procured various strategic partnerships to enhance their value proposition. This includes earning discovery miles when paying with a Discovery Credit Card or earning Pick n Pay Smart Shopper rewards when filling up or shopping at their Pick n Pay Express stores. Additionally, customers can earn cash back when purchasing fuel with their Nedbank Greenback-linked bank card.

More than just a service station

Empowering our communities is an important endeavour for large corporations to prioritise and one for which bp garage is not shy. This company believe that societies and communities should benefit from its presence and, as a result, has financed various projects to impact their surroundings positively. These projects have led to job creation, boosted tax revenue and provided many opportunities for local community initiatives.

This is done through an in-depth understanding of unique community needs to help meet social obligations and ensure sustainable communities. Their primary goal in corporate social investment is to implement sustainable socio-economic development to benefit all.

What to enjoy at bp

Over and above offering industry-leading fuel, bp garage aims to create an enjoyable experience for all customers visiting their service stations. This is met by offering access to convenient Pick n Pay Express stores accompanied by Wild Bean Café. By partnering with these businesses, bp can offer their customers a well-rounded experience at all service stations to get everything they might need in one stop.


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