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Nail care treatments are abundant in Blouberg

For many women in Blouberg, nail care makes up a significant part of their beauty regime. Not only does it make ladies look good, it also makes them feel great. Pampering oneself is necessary, after all! The Blouberg area is home to a number of nail salons that specialise in nail, hand and foot care. These salons offer a range of treatments for both hands and feet, including manicures, pedicures, gel nails, acrylic nails, nail art and soak off treatments.

Manicures and pedicures offered by the nail salons in Blouberg are not just a pampering and relaxing treatment, they also aid in keeping hands, feet and nails healthy. During a manicure or pedicure treatment, therapists will exfoliate their client’s hands and feet to remove dead skin cells, while at the same time improving circulation and stimulating blood flow through massage. Therapists will also trim and shape their client’s nails, helping them to maintain strong, healthy nails and prevent ingrown nails. As part of a manicure or pedicure treatment, clients can also opt to have their nails painted, leaving hands and feet looking great, which naturally results in happy clients!

For those who want their nails to look particularly gorgeous, nail salons also offer gel nail and acrylic nail treatments. Gel and acrylic nails are favourites among clients as they last long (up to two weeks) and come in both vibrant and natural colours. Both gel and acrylic nail are perfect for women who have weak, brittle nails, or for women who have a habit of chewing their nails.

In recent years, nail art has become extremely popular, and most Blouberg nail care salons now offer nail art services. Nail art can add an elegant finishing touch to client's nails, leaving their nails looking beautiful and them feeling great about it! Nail salons also offer soak off treatments for those who would like to give their nails a break by completely removing gel or acrylic applications.