Maintain your outdoor living area with these expert Blouberg garden services

Maintaining a beautiful garden is a priority for most discerning homeowners. It is a sad fact however, that most people do not get sufficient time in their busy schedules specifically for gardening, which is often a time consuming and labour intensive job. This is why many people nowadays rely on gardening services to take care of and maintain their gardens.

Gardening services in the Blouberg area provide a range of services, including regular routine garden maintenance, landscaping, tree felling, seasonal treatments and irrigation. Routine garden maintenance is a must for every garden, even if it consists only of a lawn. This service usually consists of basic gardening tasks such as lawn mowing, lawn edge trimming, flowerbed weeding and raking, trimming and cleaning shrubs and sweeping up trimmings. Garden maintenance is the most essential and most common service provided by most Blouberg gardening services.

Some garden services also offer landscaping services to their clients. Landscaping services generally includes designing a garden layout and selecting certain garden accessories such as water features, garden lighting and garden furniture. Landscapers are able to design and build gardens from scratch by bringing in fertile soil, instant roll-on lawns and fully established trees and/or shrubs. In Blouberg, some landscaping services can also design completely indigenous, water wise gardens for their clients.

Irrigation services are also popular in the Blouberg area. Some gardening services specialise in installing full automated irrigation systems for both small and large gardens. Most of these systems are specifically designed to save water and can be programmed to water gardens at certain pre-set times, saving both time and money.

Seasonal treatments and tree felling services are also commonly available in the Blouberg area. Most gardening services are able to provide seasonal composting, fertilising, lawn dressing/topsoiling and pest control services to their clients, and some also provide safe and effective tree felling and/or tree pruning services.

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